New Single.

A new single released in New Zealand and Canada. "He Loved You Out Of My Mind". Recorded in English by Ginny and in French By French/Canadian artist Manon Camirand.

New Release

"Moments In Memory" is my new album featuring eighteen songs I have written. Thirteen recorded over 2016/17 and four recorded Reflections Studio, Nashville in 1988. The other song was recorded in our Pegasus Studio in 1991.

APRA Country Song Of The Year.

Ginny's Song, "The Reason To Stay" has been selected as one of the three finalists for the "APRA Best Country Music Song Of The Year".

Two new albums featuring all Ginny Peters songs.

I am so proud that two fine artists have just released albums containing all my songs.

One of New Zealand's finest Country Artists, Reg McTaggart has released, "The Way Life Goes" containing fourteen from my pen. Reg's mellow voice does such a great job of these songs.

French/Canadian artist, Manon has released, "Une Journee Peut Tout Changer", "What A Difference A Day Makes". I am so very proud to have this lovely vocalist record twelve of my songs in French for Canadian release.

I am blessed indeed.


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Ginny was born in Burnbank, Scotland, immigrating to New Zealand at the age of four. She was first involved in music when as a young teenager she started writing gospel songs for the Sunday School class she was taking at her local church. It was one of these early attemps at composition that lead to her first recorded song, "His Guiding Hand" as recorded by Rex Franklin on one of his Viking Albums and recently re-released in the Rex Franklin Collection by Bear Records, Germany.

Spurred on by this success Ginny started writing in earnest and one of these early serious attemps was an instrumental with vocal chorus, "Nimble Fingers" which she presented to well known guitarist, Jim Coyle. Jim decided to record the song as his next single and asked Ginny to sing the vocal on the recording. As a result of this recording Jim's record label, Allied International signed Ginny to a recording contract which produced four singles and two album tracks.

Mr Charles King of Evolve Records, Memphis, Tennessee, USA, heard one of the Allied International singles and signed Ginny to his label.  This lead to two singles being released in the States on Evolve. These recordings were rather unusual at the time in the way that they were done. Ginny went into a recording studio in Auckland, New Zealand and recorded a vocal on one track and rhythm guitar on the other. This tape was then sent to Mr King in Memphis who went into the famous Sun Studios and put down a rhythm section using musicians from Jerry Lee Lewis's band on four tracks of a eight track tape. This tape was then sent to Ginny who again went into a local studio and recorded her vocal, back to Memphis for lead and vocal chorus's to be added and then mixed and released.

Without doubt one of Ginny's greatest success was when she was brought to the attention of Country Music Legend, Cliffie Stone. Who signed her to a publishing and recording contract. Cliffie produced her album, "Butterfly Wings' in Hollywood using musicians from Highway 101 and the Desert Rose band. On the writing side in this period Ginny wrote songs such as, "I Only See You" which Cliffie recorded himself on his, "Dancing With A Memory" Album, which is also a Ginny Peters song.

In 1988 Ginny was contracted to Jack Gale's, Playback records. This resulted in the album, "Bluebirds Over The Mountain" recorded in Nashville from which two Cash Box charting singles, "Freight Train" and "Old Fashioned Lover" resulted.

Facts on Ginny Peters song writing.

Seventy six recordings of her songs have been made by artists in five countries. These include sixteen versions of, "I ONLY SEE YOU" which was a platinum recording in New Zealand by, DENNIS MARSH. It was also a hit in Canada as recorded by, MANON as, "JE NE VOIS QUE TOI". Dennis Marsh has recorded six other of Ginny's songs. Other well known New Zealand Artists to record her songs include, MARIA DALLAS (2), JODIE VAUGHN, MARIE HASLEMORE, NOEL PARLANE and REG McTAGGART.  "IN THE ARMS OF A MEMORY" was a top three song in Australia for BRIAN LETTON in 1994 and helped him to be a finalist for male artist of the year. The song has been covered by nine other artists in five countries. Award winning Australian artists to record Ginny's songs include, SHAZA LEIGH, DALE DUNCAN, LINDSAY BUTLER, PETER SALATA and CRAIG BYRNE. Other artists such as, Country Hall Of Fame and Hollywood Walk Of Fame member, CLIFFIE STONE have covered her songs. The feature film, "FOR THE SAKE OF A HAT" has seven Ginny Peters songs on the sound track. Ginny has several awards from England's New Christian Music UK for her Gospel songs. She has released four albums herself featuring largely her own songs.